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Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Plans were originally created with the vision of preventing our clients’ sites from being hacked.

We’ve succeeded thus far with 0 of our clients’ sites ever being hacked! A new thought was proposed to us – Maintenance & Optimization..

Currently, we include 4 services in our monthly maintenance plans. Read on!


Safeguard • Improve • Grow

Our maintenance plan is not only needed to defend against malicious attacks on your website, but also to properly maintain your website by keeping the site’s tools updated and to ensure your website is always running like a flash and efficiently.

We’re on your side, ensuring that your website will always be secured, updated, properly managed, backed-up and dominating your industry!

Our Plan Includes:

1. Updates & Optimization

— WordPress + Theme monitored & updated
— Website cache cleared and optimized weekly
— Plugins monitored and updated

2. Monitoring & Protection

— Website protection
— Daily scanning
— Hackers & spam denied
— Website monitoring

3. Backups & Restore Points

— Weekly website backups
— On and off-site backup locations
— Daily restore points

4. Monthly Reports

— Monthly analytics report of page views, site traffic details and more..
— Detailed reports on what we’ve done to keep your site updated and secure

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