Our Work

North Hills Car Wash

North Hills Car Wash recently approached Magnolia Media to design and develop a website for their business. The car wash was looking for a modern, attractive, and user-friendly website.

The Magnolia Media team worked with the car wash owners to develop a website design that would reflect the car wash’s brand and appeal to its target audience. The team used a clean, modern design that featured high-quality visuals and a simple, easy-to-navigate layout.

The website was built with a responsive design, ensuring it would look great on any device. It was also optimized for search engines so potential customers could easily find the car wash.

The website was integrated with the car wash’s social media accounts, allowing customers to easily stay up to date with the business and share their experiences.

The Magnolia Media team delivered a website design that met the car wash’s needs and exceeded their expectations. The website has been well-received by customers, and the car wash has seen increased website traffic since the launch.

All Things Neuro

Magnolia Media was tasked with designing a website for a TBI and Concussion Care facility. The goal of the website was to provide an informational resource for individuals looking for information about TBI and concussion care and a simple online solution to request an appointment with the facility. Magnolia Media worked closely with the facility to create a website that was both user-friendly and informative.

The website was designed with a modern look and feel, with a focus on ease of use. The homepage featured a large banner at the top of the page with a brief introduction to the facility and what they offer. It also included an interactive map, which allowed users to easily find their nearest TBI and Concussion Care facility. The website also featured prominently placed CTAs that directed users to more information about the facility, services offered, and contact information.

The website was a success, and the facility saw an increase in website traffic, as well as more inquiries from potential patients. Magnolia Media was able to deliver a website that ultimately helped the facility reach more people who needed their services.


Magnolia Media worked with a new healthcare consulting firm to create a website and logo design that could help them enter the market with their best foot forward. The firm was looking to establish a strong online presence to connect with new clients.

Magnolia Media started by consulting with the owners of TOP-NOTCH Advice to understand their goals and objectives. They then conducted research to understand the healthcare consulting industry and the target audience. This allowed them to create a website and logo design that would be appealing and effective.

The website design was built with a modern, user-friendly approach. The website was highly navigable, with clear and concise content, and featured a vibrant color palette. The logo featured a unique combination of colors and shapes that represent the company’s mission and values.

The website and logo design were released to the public, and the results were overwhelmingly positive. TOP-NOTCH Advice’s website quickly gained traction, and its logo was noticed and praised by potential clients.

Magnolia Media’s efforts paid off, and TOP-NOTCH Advice was able to establish a strong online presence and reach more customers right out of the gate. The website and logo design helped the company gain more credibility and trust among potential clients, and the project was a success.

JBG Elite Real Estate Investments

JBG Elite Real Estate Investments was looking to rebrand its image and increase its online presence. They decided to hire Magnolia Media to develop a website and logo design for their business.

Magnolia Media began by researching the real estate investment firm’s current branding and online presence. They also conducted interviews with key stakeholders from the firm to gain a better understanding of their goals and target audience. Based on the research, Magnolia Media developed a logo and website design that incorporated the firm’s existing brand and conveyed the message of trust and stability.

The logo featured a modern font and a color scheme of gold and grays that communicated a sense of professionalism and stability. The website design was structured around the firm’s core services and used high-quality images and content to showcase its offerings.

The results of Magnolia Media’s efforts were impressive. Within a few weeks, the real estate investment firm had seen an increase in website visitors, leads, and overall brand awareness. They were also able to attract more investors and close more deals thanks to their improved online presence.

The successful collaboration between Magnolia Media and JBG Elite Real Estate Investments was a testament to the power of effective website and logo design. By working together, they were able to create a modern and professional brand that resonated with their target audience and increased their business.

J&J Auto Sales

J&J Auto Sales is a family-run used car dealership in Meridian, MS. They have been in business for many years and have a loyal customer base. However, their online presence was lacking, and they wanted to increase their visibility in their local area.

J&J Auto Sales contacted Magnolia Media to design and develop a website for the dealership. Magnolia Media performed a thorough analysis of the dealership’s needs and objectives, and then created a website design that would help the dealership achieve its goals.

Magnolia Media designed a website that was visually appealing and easy to use. The website featured an attractive homepage with a carousel that showcased various used cars available at the dealership. Additionally, they included pages for each vehicle in the inventory so customers could easily view detailed information about the vehicles. They also incorporated a search bar so customers could quickly find a specific type of car.

The website design also included a contact page, so customers could easily reach out to the dealership with questions. The contact page features a map that shows the dealership’s location, as well as contact information.

The website design was a success! The website generated more traffic, and the dealership was able to better engage with its customers. The website also helped the dealership to increase its visibility in its local area, and its business grew.

BRAVO Metabolic Int’l

BRAVO Metabolic International is a global health and wellness partner, dedicated to providing its customers with the best products in the industry. With the help of Magnolia Media, BRAVO MI wanted to create a website that would showcase its products, services, and values, while also engaging customers and increasing its brand visibility.

Magnolia Media began by first conducting a thorough analysis of BRAVO MI’s target customer base. Based on the findings, Magnolia Media then crafted a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The website was designed to be highly responsive, making it accessible to both desktop and mobile users. The design also incorporated bright colors, bold typography, and large imagery to create a visually stimulating experience for the user.

To ensure the website was optimized for search engine visibility, Magnolia Media incorporated SEO tactics such as keyword research, meta tags, and optimized content. They also integrated Google Search Console, helping BRAVO MI track and measure website performance.

Overall, Magnolia Media’s website design provided BRAVO MI with a platform to reach more customers, increase brand visibility, and showcase their products and services. As a result, BRAVO MI was able to achieve its goal of becoming a leading health and wellness partner in the industry.

Salon CLK

Salon CLK was launching its first location in Atlanta, GA and it needed a website to showcase its services, products, and team. The salon was targeting affluent and fashion-forward customers and wanted a website that would reflect its brand image.

Magnolia Media started the project by first conducting research into the target market, competitors, and best practices for salon websites. After gathering their insights, Magnolia Media developed a web design strategy for the client that would focus on optimizing the user experience.

The website design incorporated bold and modern elements, while still maintaining a sense of luxury and elegance that the salon was hoping to achieve. The website was designed with a focus on simplicity and usability, while still providing visitors with plenty of information about the salon’s services, products, and team.

The website also included a booking system, allowing customers to easily book appointments online. Finally, the website was optimized for mobile devices, allowing customers to access the website on their phones or tablets.

Upon launch, the website was a success, and the salon received a significant boost in web traffic and bookings. The website also helped to establish the salon as an authority in the Atlanta hair styling industry.